Tuesday, February 18, 2014

AMS Bowfishing Reel - Retriever Pro

Thank God Bowfishing is around the corner

Obviously we test our equipment in the field before we review them plus we get feed back from our friends that have different equipment. Larry and I have two AMS retriever set ups and love them. I used to have an old school manual spool. If you buy the manual spool, its worth staying home and watching TV, cause by the time your done you will be so pissed off, you will want to kill somebody so save your money. 

I can honestly say the only problem i have had with my AMS set up is a frayd string and I'm guessing that is typical with every set up. I also have some buddies that have the muzzy set ups. I have heard my buddy say he has had his arrow come back on him with the muzzy set up and that's not good. You have to hit a button like a Zebco 33 and when you have a bunch of carp around you trying to get a shot you tend to forget some important stuff. That could seriously injure somebody. 

I'm the average hunter, I can't afford every make and model like i want too. Everybody wants the best and that's why we are here. Trying to take the guess work out of the equation. I know Cajun bowfishing has a new hybrid reel that looks sweet. If anybody has it let me know. I'm interested how well it works. 

Tip of the day: You get what you pay for. Go AMS! Its good stuff. Good luck

Jason Untersinger