Sunday, February 16, 2014

Game Slayer Hunting's "Release Catcher"

Everybody has done it. You are sitting in your tree stand trying to be quiet and your release is flopping around and smacks the side of your stand and it sounds like a gun is going off in the woods.  Well team game slayer hunting has come out with a solution to the problem.

The release catcher holds your release in place with a magnetic button which makes no noise at all.  It‘s a good addition to your hunting outfit, plus you wont even know its there. Its light and washable so no smell and no sound equal success. I highly recommend this product to any hunter looking to go the extra mile in bow hunting.  On the other side of the spectrum, some release companies have a similar but inferior option built into the release already, but if you have a floppy, noisy release already, the release catcher is a must own.  Keep up the good work Game Slayer.

Jason Untersinger