Thursday, February 20, 2014

Primos Double Bull Blind Review

Once you hunt out of one of these blinds you will go buy one. I sold one of my guns so i could buy this blind. The durability does not compare to the $50 dollar blind you can buy at Wal-Mart. They are not completely water proof which i was a little disappointed in but it makes up for it in everything else. The room inside is great, especially for turkey season when your wanting to film a buddy shooting a big tom. I've had deer and turkey walk within 10 yards of the blind and never knew i was there. Its pretty neat getting animals so close you can see the snot running out of there nose.

I have the 180 with shoot through screens and i do love it. These blinds have a lifetime warranty and the best thing of all, the blind bag is sweet. I can carry it on my back with no problem, it has two shoulder straps with extra pockets. I do recommend buying a fanny pack when using the blind cause its hard to carry with a turkey vest of back pack. You don't look cool with a fanny pack but its worth it. As far as being quiet, the windows have little straps that close them instead of noisy zippers and buttons; although my preference would be the magnetic buttons. I highly recommend this blind, it truly is awesome.

Jason Untersinger