Sunday, April 26, 2009

Team Primos Brad Farris Diaphragm Call

Today was the first morning out with my newest call, the Team Primos Brad Farris Diaphram Call. I'm not the most experienced mouth caller, but this call is extremely easy to get used to and sounds great. This call will really get loud, which comes in handy with those far away gobblers. I used the call this morning for reactions with long distance birds.

Team Primos has went to their staff members to develop what they want out of their favorite mouth call based on their own personal preferences . It may be the call's ability to reproduce a certain sound, it may be volume, it may be the call's ability to be blown softly with extreme realism, or it could be just how easy it is to make the call sound like a wild turkey hen. Since this is the first call I have purchased and used of their signature series, it seems Brad Farris appears to favor a mouth call with a lot of volume along with realism up close.

The Team Primos Signature Series Brad Farris Mouth Call features three ultra-thin latex reeds with BAT Cut in top reed. Two reed separators included. The call is very comfortable too. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Call here:
Primos Team Primos Signature Series Turkey Mouth Calls - Brad Farris Call

Larry Ralph Jr.