Saturday, April 25, 2009

Woods Wise Mystic Turkey Box Call

I'm only into my 3rd season turkey hunting, so I'm partial to box calls. My uncle introduced me to Lynch Box calls when I first started. A box call is definitely the best call for a beginner. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my lynch fool proof box call with me last year on my way to a Kentucky Turkey hunting trip. We stopped at a local hunting supply store and the man behind the counter introduced me to Woods Wise calls. Since I didn't feel comfortable relying solely on my slate call, I went ahead and purchased the Woods wise classic hen mystic box call. I had never heard of woods wise before. He promoted it by saying that it works wet and was virtually weatherproof. He also mentioned that it didn't require chalk ever, which appealed to the forgetful side of me. I figured I would give it a shot.

I used the call that spring and this past weeks opener. I have only ran into one circumstance that proved to me that it holds up to weather. It rained on us last year, cleared up, and the call was still chirping away. It has this black "gritty" coating on the paddle and sides of the call which I'm guessing works as a type of permanent chalk. We will see how many seasons that lasts and I will update the blog, if it ever fails. It sounds great and puts off fairly loud yelps, clucks, and purrs. If I had to say anything negative at all about the call it would be that occasionally it seems to put off an echo sound from the chamber. My buddies don't seem to notice as much as me. The best thing about the call is the lack of maintenance it requires. Just pick it up and go. That seems to work best for me most days, because I'm a very forgetful person.

Larry Ralph Jr.