Tuesday, April 28, 2009

H.S. Strut Turkey Tail & Beard Mounting Kit

Well the first weekend of turkey season in Indiana is over. I hunted the first 5 days of season and seen a lot of birds. I hope you all had good luck. Every year when I kill a tom I end up putting it in the freezer hoping I will have the money to get him mounted. For some reason (mostly financially) I never do. That’s why I buy the fan mount kits from hunter’s specialties. They are cheap, easy to use and they look pretty good in the trophy room. It has a beautiful cherry finish that accents the dark colored fans. It is pretty much self explanatory on what to do. The quality of mount you end up with depends on how well you take care of the fan feathers. Take extra care in the field and transporting the fan and your finished mount will be that much better. Another piece of advice is to put a dab of gorilla glue on the back side of the beard or just use a hot glue gun. If you don’t the beard will fall out. Hey for $15 it’s a pretty good deal. At that price, you can mount every one you shoot. Hey, it beats paying $400-$850 for a full body mount.

Buy the H.S. Strut Turkey Mounting Kit Here:
Hunter's Specialties Turkey Tail and Beard Mount Kit

Jason Untersinger

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