Tuesday, April 28, 2009

H S Strut Portable Turkey Ground Blind

How many times have you been sitting in the woods in the middle of the day playing with your turkey calls and all of the sudden a tom gobbles in the distance? You’re struggling to get set up, you got calls scattered everywhere and you’re out in the wide open. When the tom comes into range the chances of getting busted are pretty high. Or it could be a situation where you want to set up in a certain spot and there is no good cover in the area. It’s happened to me. It actually happens every year. That’s why I bought a ground blind made by H.S. Strut. This blind sits 27” tall and is 12’ long. It folds into a handy 14" long package that allows you to carry it in your pocket or hunting vest. When you get ready to set it up, simply unsnap the elastic strap, unfold the legs and place them in the ground. Thanks to the long length you can wrap the blind around your whole body so you are covered at 360 degrees. It covers most of your body. The blind has shock corded poles which allows you to fold the blind in half. Once you fold it, you roll up the blind and button the strap which is already attached. The blind material is durable and has a leafy cut out pattern for a 3D effect. You can buy this blind in 3 different camo patterns. Real tree APG, Real tree AP HD, and Advantage Max 1 HD. The best thing about this blind is I can put this blind in my turkey vest and never know it is there.

For the ultimate setup, get the ground blind, HS V-pod, and Strut Seat:

Hunter's Specialties Quick Set II Collapsible Ground Blind - Model 09943

Another similar ground blind to try out is the
Primos Stake Out? Ground Blind - Model 6091

Jason Untersinger

Bass Pro Shops


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