Monday, April 20, 2009

H S Strut Diaphragm Turkey Calls

Now that turkey season is around the corner we want to review some turkey calls that we think will make you more successful in the field. The important thing to turkey calling success is being able to adapt your calling sound and technique to what the turkeys in your immediate area are doing. For this, I personally like to use mouth calls made by H.S. Strut . This is my cup of tea. We all know that good calling is important on filling your tag. Good turkey calling is different for everybody - some are good with mouth calls, some with box calls, and some with friction calls. I’m not great with friction calls but the mouth calls I can work. That’s important to remember, if you don’t feel comfortable using a call then don’t use it. For beginners I suggest using the “double D” This call is easy to use, you don’t have to force a ton of air through the reeds. This is the call I killed my first turkey with. I like a little more rasp in my calls so I love the “Two Timer”. This call is awesome. I will buy two of the “Two Timer” calls and will last me the whole season. Hunter Specialties make some of the most durable calls on the market. Last but not least, most mouth calls come in adult and youth sizes so make sure you get the right ones.

Buy the Double D Call Here:
H.S. Strut Premium Flex Diaphragm Turkey Call - Double D

Buy the 4-pack with the Two Timer Call Here:
H.S. Strut Premium Flex 4-Pack Diaphragm Turkey Call Kit

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