Monday, April 20, 2009

Super Black Eagle II - Ultimate Turkey Gun

When I first started hunting I bought a Remington 870 express super mag. The gun held an awesome pattern. As I grew in my hunting career I became interested in hunting ducks and geese. The 870 pump just wasn’t ideal for hunting waterfowl. In 2006 I purchased a Benelli Super Black Eagle II. I can still remember pulling the gun new out of the box. I have never been the same. The shotgun is inertia driven with a comfort tech butt stock. The gun is not cheap, but well worth every penny. I have put this gun through hell in the duck blind and it has not failed me yet. Not even through rain, ice and snow. My benelli came with a shim kit which allows you to make the gun fit you own personal stance. It also came the a pistol grip butt stock. This stock is something I will never be without again in the turkey woods. You are more steady and can hold your position for a longer period of time. Plus when you put the gun to your shoulder is just feels awesome.


BUY THE Benelli Choke Extended Turkey Crio Sport

The gun will hold 2 ¾ , 3 and 3 ½ inch shells. It ejects every shell of all sizes like a dream. The gun is pre-tapped if you prefer using a scope. The gun is very simple to take apart and clean. I can have my gun apart in under a minute. The includes the barrel, firing pin, and the trigger assembly. The SBEII comes with 5 different choke tubes. 3 of the chokes are rated for steel shot which is a plus for the waterfowlers. It comes with a double sided choke tube wrench. One side is a wrench and the other side screws into the barrel so you can clean the choke threads inside the barrel. I use the extra full turkey choke which is made by Benelli, this choke I had to buy separately. The first tom I shot with this gun was at 10 yards and I literally took his head off. The next day my cousin and I had a bird hang up at 50 yards. I told my cousin to let the Benelli rock and the bird crumbled. In other words, if I see a tom at 50 yards I’m going to shoot with confidence. Inertia driven, Comfort Tech stock, Pistol grip, and realtree camo. This gun is the ultimate turkey gun.

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