Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hoosier H.I.T. Squad - Hunting Indiana Trophies

I heard about the Hoosier HIT Squad from the guy I bought my bow off of. He was a member of Central Indiana Delta Waterfowl, and was telling me about these videos from the Hoosier H.I.T. Squad. Don't know enough about them to say too much or review their videos. I just love the idea of bringing attention to the wonderful outdoors and hunting in Indiana. I am going to purchase a video or two and probably review them in the future. If you are a proud Hoosier or have hunted in Indiana before, you might check out their site : If anyone from their site reads this, you might want to change your website a little. It takes too long to load, and I have a very fast connection.

Larry Ralph Jr.


hoosierhunter said...

This is Matt Haase, owner of the HOOSIER H.I.T. SQUAD LLC. I want to thank you for your comments. Like you stated, we started with the idea to showcase Indiana hunting, as you don't see much about the HOOSIER STATE. We are all proud HOOSIERS, and are excited to get it done and showcase Indiana. We have 3 DVDs available, "Making the Squad" features waterfowl, turkey, and youth hunts from Indiana it is 90min. long, "Making the Turkey Squad" features all turkey hunting with 12 hunts total, from Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, and mostly here in Indiana, and our newest DVD "Chasing the Squad" Waterfowl features over 2hrs. of waterfowl hunting from Sask, Canada and mostly here in Indiana! Thanks again, and you will be happy to know that we are also working to overhaul our website to make it more user friendly and updated regularly with articles, stories, and video content from throughout the season!

lralph said...


I just received the 3 DVDs in the mail today. I'll try and post a review of them soon. Thank you for your efforts in highlighting the hoosier state.

Larry Ralph Jr.