Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NAP QuickSpin ST Speedhunter Vanes

New Archery Products
QuickSpin ST 2”
SpeedHunter Vanes

The NAP QuickFletch QuikSpin ST 2” Speed Hunter Vanes are durable toughened plastic that has a patented "kicker" which increases arrow spin up to 300% faster than conventional vanes. Micro-grooves on one side of each vane channel air over the vane for flatter trajectory, all pre-set on a shrink wrap tube. A friend of mine turned me on to these NAP QuickFletch saying they really helped his shot group. I purchased some and was amazed at exactly how easy it was to fletch my arrows. You place the QuickFletch Vanes over your arrow, line up your vanes how you want them, dip them in boiling water, and your done. The glue will hold them in place while you dip them in the water. Once you are done they will not slip and will work on carbon and aluminum arrows. These QuickFletch QuickSpins really helped my shot group and my arrows look professionally crested and fletched. The only drawback is the price at $24.99(BassPro) for a 6 pack, the price can really add up fast.

Buy the QuickSpin Vanes Here:
Extreme Archery Shrink Fletch - Quik Spin Vane

Buy the ZipStrip Vane Remover Here:
Zip-Strip Vane Remover

Anthony Stewart

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Anonymous said...

That does sound odd to say the least but, New Archery Products has been around for quite some time and have good products.

saintdeer said...

I have been using them exclusively for the past 3 years or more. got them as a Christmas gift and was really shocked. I have noticed though, that the 2" blazer vanes hold up much much better. I have a whisker biscuit on all my set-ups so that might be why, but the Blazer vanes I put on over 2 yrs ago are still on there and I just changed my hunter quickspin 2" for the 3rd time. They did not HAVE to be changed, but I like my stuff done right.