Friday, May 15, 2009

LaCrosse Alpha Wateproof Hunting Boots

I bought these boots about 3 years ago. The main reason why I bought these boots was because they are pretty much the only manufacturer that had my size at the store. I wear a size 15 in a tennis shoe and the boots I wear are a size 14. Luckily, I even have room for toe warmers. Having an alpha waterproof boot is awesome. I don’t know how many times I have been hunting and ran across a creek and if it wasn’t for my boots I wouldn’t have been able to cross it without getting wet. This gives you a big advantage over the other guys, especially when hunting public land. If you try to hunt with wet feet you are going to be miserable all day and this could be potentially dangerous. I will never buy a hunting boot that is not an 18 inch, waterproof boot again. Another advantage to having tall boots is you can tuck your pants in them. Try this when you turkey hunt, it will help keep a lot of ticks off your legs. Will I buy the La Crosse Alpha boot again? Probably not. I was kind of disappointed in the durability of the boot. The second weekend I owned the boots , I ran a deer antler into them. I goose hunt a lot of corn fields and the corns stalks have punctured my boots also. Needless to say my boots are no longer waterproof. The boots I own have 1200 grams of thinsulate, and they do keep my feet pretty warm. They fit almost like a shoe so they are comfortable. They also have cinch straps at the top to prevent the boot from sliding up and down which causes your heel to be rubbed raw. All in all I’m happy with the boots I just wish they were more durable.

Buy LaCrosse Boots Here:
LaCrosse Alpha Lite Hunting Boots for Men

LaCrosse 18'' AlphaBurly Sport Neoprene Insulated Hunting Boots for Men

LaCrosse 18'' AlphaBurly Sport Uninsulated Neoprene Boots for Men

Jason Untersinger


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, trying to hunt with wet feet makes you very miserable. I have been looking for a good boot to try so this post is very helpful indeed.

Sam said...

Heck...trying to do anything with wet feet is not a good thing...except, of course, swimming.