Saturday, May 9, 2009

G5 Striker Broadheads

Guest post by my cousin Anthony Stewart in Hartford, Ky. You might be hearing from him from time to time.

I’ve been using G5 broadheads for 4 years now, started out with the G5 Tekan, moved on to the G5 Montec, and now I use the G5 striker. I used these broad heads this past year to kill a bobcat and 2 does. They have good, clean pass throughs and produce good blood trails. These broadheads are extremely tough, with the anix locking system the blades stay in place. You can buy replacement blades and use the same head for years. These .030” lutz blades are razor sharp and come in 9 per pack, enough for 3 broad heads. They do not fly exactly like field tips, but once you tune your bow for them, they fly consistently. If you are looking for a replaceable fixed blade broadhead these are an excellent choice. I am getting ready to try these G5 Stikers out on a Manitoba black bear hunt starting May 17th. I'll let you know how they do. I have used all of G5’s broadheads including the small game heads and Montec practice heads, and would recommend them all.

Click on the broadhead to
G5  Outdoors Striker? Fixed-Blade Broadheads

Buy the G5 Montec Broadhead here:
G5 Outdoors Pre-Season Montec Practice Point Fixed-Blade Broadhead

Buy the G5 Small Game Broadhead here:
G5 Outdoors Small Game Fixed-Blade Broadhead

Anthony Stewart
Hartford, Kentucky


Bass Pro Shops


Anonymous said...

I like the design. I wonder what is the going price for a box of these?

Albert A Rasch said...

Nice Broadhead.

I like the thick blades that can be resharpened if you want to, and the head itself, once you remove the blade can be touched up as well.

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lralph said...

Rick, I believe they are 40 bucks for a 3 pack, a little pricey for sure. I've never tried them, but Anthony swears by them.