Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dont let your brother in law drive on your hunting trip

Ok, well, here we go, our first review. This new blog is the product of two hunting buddy's (Larry Ralph Jr and Jason Untersinger) boredom while turkey hunting in Hartford, KY. The hunt was fun, but we started talking about how there werent any average joes reviewing hunting products, and we thought we could give better "realistic" reviews and videos then these so called "paid for their reviews" experts. So here goes my (Larry Ralph Jr.) first shot at a review. It might be unusual seeing thats it's a review of a service and not a product. Products will follow this post.

REVIEW 1-Service: Allowing your brother in law to drive on your hunting trip
This is a big mistake. If you haven't figured it out by now, my hunting buddy is my brother-in-law (Jason Untersinger). Now, I would normally let him drive me anywhere, but when he has hunting on his brain, WATCH OUT. He never watches the road, he watches all the fields scanning each horizon of farm fields and pastures for turkeys and deer. As he starts to look at a field, the vehicle starts to slowly ease over into the shoulder and occasionally off the road. He realizes this only by the vehicle shaking violently, and over corrects because he still isn't paying any attention to the actual road. He is always the first to spot any wildlife that we hunt, be it ducks, geese, doves, deer, turkeys, coyotes, you name it, he spots it. Which is fine by me, its nice to have someone who has a sixth sense for spotting wildlife. It something quite aint right when your driver spots a gray squirrel on the edge of a field 300 yards off the road 40 feet up a tree. It's a bit nerve racking.
If you or your hunting pals are driving a long distance to your hunting destination, let the guy drive with the least amount of "buck fever" flowing through his veins. If you do not know who that is, it's typically the guy who can talk about topics other than hunting such as politics, religion, or their wives. If none of you can do this, then some of you need to get a life.

Larry Ralph Jr.