Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Memories with Dad

By: Blake Anderson from

My father taught me long ago to never rush prior to going out hunting.  Well, father always knows best and I have to say that was some good advice he gave me.  Dad and I would always start getting ready for our hunt one month before hunting season began and we were always prepared for the first day of open season.

Dad and I would setup trail cams in several areas where we would go hunting.  This way we knew where the ‘busy’ places were.  It is so nice to see that the place you have picked for hunting has a large quarry just waiting for you.  Of course we checked our tree stands as well.  We would have such a good time when we hunted together.

Dad passed away seven years now and I still start getting ready a month before the hunt.  I have taught my son and he in turn will teach his son when they go hunting.  There is something to be said for a hunting family and passing down rules and hunting places from generation to generation. 

In fact, I now use my fathers backpack and my son uses mine, kind of like a good luck thing I guess.  Superstitious, maybe, I just like to have dad with me on hunting trips.  I’ll sit in my tree stand and when I glance at dad’s backpack memories of our hunts together go through my mind and I smile.  I know dad is there with me on the hunt and giving me hand signals like we used to.

When you hunt with the same person year after year you get to learn each others methods of hunting as each of us hunt a little different.  We learn hand signals and body language of our fellow hunter.  Of course, we look out for each other as well.  Dad and I have had our good luck and bad luck just like any other hunter.  But you know what, it didn’t matter if we got our limit we were bonding.

Now it my sons turn and I have to say, I’m pretty proud of him and happy that he is my hunting partner.  He has learned from me and his grandpa and he has taken in all of our tactics in hunting.  I carry dad’s back pack and my son carries his grandfathers hunting knife. 

We all remember the first time we bagged a deer, whether it was a trophy buck or a succulent doe.  There are always stories to tell about each and every trip into the woods and how we bagged our first deer.  These memories make great conversations to have prior to hunting day.  Kind of gets you all pumped up and your blood rushing while you are sitting quietly and waiting.

Dad’s backpack is getting a little too worn now to keep taking on hunting trips so this year will be the last year I will use it.  However, dad’s backpack will hang on my wall in my den where it will continue to tell stories and bring back memories.  Thank you dad for all you have taught me.  You would be proud of your grandson.