Monday, October 19, 2009

Double Drop Tine Buck Trail Camera Photo

We'll, I can't believe I haven't posted these trail cam photos until now. I didn't see them until we pulled this lonesome camera out of the bottoms. It's a long hike down there, you see, and we were just too lazy to check it on a regular basis. The photo was taken August 30th and we probably didnt even check the camera until September 30th. I sure wish we would have kept up with it. We pulled the camera from the spot before we saw the photos on the SD card.

We decided we didn't want to disturb that area anymore, so we left it alone. One picture is enough of this deer. It's all we need to know. Now we have to draw straws on who hunts this area every time. Oh well, it will keep the season exciting to say the least. This is what we consider to be a once and a lifetime buck in our neck of the woods.

Larry Ralph Jr.


Anonymous said...

Happy hunting to the lucky string puller.

Anonymous said...

Waterfowl early season starts this weekend. How will you choose what to hunt?


Hunting Reviews said...

Well I love to hunt waterfowl but when you got a buck like this running around your woods, the ducks and the geese will have to wait.