Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Indiana Trail Cam Photos "Whitey"

Everybody meet Whitey. Our camera took about 14 photos of whitey, and every single one of them ended up like this. I'm not sure what caused it, my guess is that the sun was setting directly into the camera and it flashed. The picture below is the only picture that turned out good enough. Maybe the deer is a ghost. We'll see.

These pictures were taken behind my house. I live at the bottom of a hill in Martinsville, Indiana. I own 4 acres total, 2.5 of which is the hillside. These photos were taken at the top of the hill. When I bought the place, I never thought I would be able to deer hunt this hill, let alone have bucks like this behind me. It just goes to show they are everywhere you least expect them.

Larry Ralph Jr.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice back yard to me.

He has a real nice rack!

Editor said...

I'm pretty sure it is a ghost or a figment of your imagination

Rio Arriba said...

Massive overexposure is the problem. Coupla minutes in Photoshop would spruce it up