Monday, May 4, 2009

First Turkey Hunt on Video

I'ts kinda funny how things turn out. We really didn't plan this hunt. I was mowing my lawn and Jason comes over to see if I want to go help him get a birthday gift for his dad. Afterwards, we decided to go out to a friend of mine's property and see if we could get something to gobble. I grabbed some gear, threw it in the truck and took off. Shortly after pulling up to the property and getting our gear on, I realized I didn't bring any gloves or facemask. I thought I had placed them in my turkey vest. We walk towards the camper to see if my buddy had anything in there I could use. He didn't have anything, but he had a Primos box call sitting on the table that was just like Jason's box call. I picked it up, jokingly hit it a couple of times, and asked Jason if it was his. Before Jason could reply, a turkey gobbled out in the woods. We'll we took off to a little field we thought we could call them into. We setup in a hurry. Jason offered to give me his facemask and gloves so I could be the shooter, but since I forgot mine, I let him setup as the shooter. Shortly after we sat down and started calling, we realized there were two gobblers. I was too enthralled with the possibility of getting this hunt on camera then I was in getting a double. Jason kept telling me to get my gun ready, but these gobblers were moving quickly, and I never could get setup. Anyways, the rest of this is caught on camera, so I'll leave it for you to watch. I honestly feel like it was just as exciting and heart pounding to capture this with the camera then it would have been if I had been a shooter. This all happened within 15 or 20 minutes after we hit that call at the trailer.

Larry Ralph



Tom said...

Very nice video and a great hunt!

Anonymous said...

That was a very cool video and I hope to do something like that in the future.

Marian Love Phillips said...

Enjoyed watching the video...great shot on the turkey and a nice video hunt-

As they say-get-er-done! :)

Jeff said...

Great footage!

Tim Noble said...

Brilliant bit of filming.